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At the left we can see...

At the right we can see the...

...the head-snarlers

Everything is safe. Perfectly safe.


Watch out!

Are you hurt?

I don't think so. You?

I'm Ok.

Get up. Emo, it's not safe here.

Let's go.

What's next?

You'll see!

(howling wind)

Emo. This way.

Follow me!

(buzzing wires and chattery conversations)

Hurry Emo!

(louder telephone voices)

(phone ringing)

You're not paying attention!

I just want to answer the...

Emo, look, I mean listen.

You have to learn to listen.

This is not some game.

You, i mean we, we could easily die out here.

Listen, listen to the sounds of the machine.

Listen to your breathing.

(Buzzing wires)


(oriental dance music)

Well, don't you ever get tired of this?


Emo, the machine is like clockwork.

One move out of place...

...and you're ground to a pulp.

But isn't it -

Pulp, Emo! Is that what you want, pulp?

Emo, your goal in life...


(loud metal sounds)

Emo, close your eyes.

Why? - Now!



What do you see at your left side, Emo?

Nothing. - Really?

No, nothing at all.

And at your right, what do you see at your right side, Emo?

The same Proog, exactly the same...

...nothing! - Great.

(sound of camera flash)

(engine drone)

Listen Proog! Do you hear that! (amusement park music)

Can we go here?

There? It isn't safe, Emo.

But... - Trust me, it's not.

Maybe I could...



Any further questions, Emo?



Emo, why...


...why can't you see the beauty of this place?

The way it works.

How perfect it is.

No, Proog, I don't see.

I don't see because there's nothing there.

And why should I trust my life to something that isn't there?

Well can you tell me that?

Answer me!

Proog...'re a sick man!

Stay away from me!

No! Emo! It's a trap!

Hah, it's a trap.

At the left side you can see|the hanging gardens of Babylon!

How's that for a trap?

No, Emo.

At the right side you can see... ...well guess what...

...the colossus of Rhodes!


The colossus of Rhodes and it is here just for you Proog.

It is there...

I'm telling you, Emo... is.

(howling wind)